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Hotel Linde


About the project:
Uniquely situated in the centre of Bodman at Lake Constance, the 800 year old history of the historic village is set to continue with the restructuring of the former Linde-area and the rebuilding of the Hotel Linde. The building construction stipulates an ensemble of mansions consisting of three rows of houses. Each of these houses has its architectonical paradigm in the village. Hotel Linde, situated in its original location right at Lake Constance, is the centrepiece of the new park. The ground-breaking for this unparalleled project took place in October 2015. The completion is planned for spring/early summer of 2018.
The former “Gasthof zur Linde” will be re-errected contemporarily. The plaster façade on a stone plinth, the plain tiled hip roof, the windows with white, wooden glazing bars and shutters, will all be redesigned in their original colour scheme. Our operational concept suggests the positioning as a boutique hotel with a distinct character: with a real and consequent orientation along the requirements for authenticity, along the naturally existing living space of the village of Bodman. “The Linde” in Bodman at Lake Constance is a true destination of desire throughout all seasons. Starting point of the “adventure Bodman”. Joy. Relaxation. Mysticism and modernity. Pristine and open. Hospitable and close to the people. Genuine. Honest. Authentic. Original. With a good helping of luxury.


Bodman-Ludwigshafen, Germany

Our service:
Operational concept with utilisation profile and profitability analysis

Hotel Linde GmbH

Time frame:
Mai 2016