Was wir tun


Destinations. Resorts. Hotels. Serviced apartments.
Hostels. Student accommodation. Serviced living spaces.
Co-living spaces. And co-working spaces.


Research. Plausibility. Feasibility. Efficient. Clear. Coherent.

Taking your wishes and ideas into account, we analyse and evaluate your project’s locations, markets and target groups, and compile economic forecasts as to that project’s viability and profitability. We determine which megatrends are relevant to the project, and what its strengths, qualities and unique selling points are. We are not afraid to point out weak points. Because, to us, a “no” never shuts down a vision but rather opens up new perspectives.


Vision. Idea. Business model. Positioning. Cost-effectiveness.
Future-oriented. Realistic. Viable.

At the heart of any successful project is a clearly defined and detailed concept. What should your future product look like? What potential does your selected location offer? In what ways can the profile of your future location be honed so as to maintain its relevance over time? Which target groups do you need to address and what are their expectations? Very important: clear unique selling points that make your project special and set it apart from the competition.


Coordination. Supervision. Implementation. Listen. Understand. Convey. Connect.

During the development phase of the project, we manage and coordinate all key tasks, always in close collaboration with you, the client. These tasks include not only liaising between architects, designers and engineers, but also ensuring optimal operational procedures, advising you on areas such as interior fittings and technical equipment, and guiding you on which preinaugural measures to implement. We see constant quality control as a matter of course, always ensuring that our approaches are in keeping with your interests and ideas. We are at your side right up until the handover and can continue to be so during the first few operational months if required.