“We let your project shine.
Unerringly. Competently. Passionately.“

Be it the trekking lodge in lofty mountains, the historical castle estate at the Baltic Sea, Serviced Apartments in Bavaria, a district development in Berlin: Our ambition is realising your unique touristic endeavour after close examination and positioning it accurately on the market.

“Innovatively occupying niches, instead of producing mass. That’s our ambition.”

Our competencies are based around a profound knowledge of the hotel and tourism business, a sense of emerging trends and a certain dose of lateral thinking. From us, you will not get extensive standards, guidelines or ‘of the peg’-concepts. We are looking forward to your ideas. Intercultural competencies and multilingualism help us to really understand you.


Plausibility analysis
Feasibility study
Destination consultancy

Orientated to your wishes and requirements we conduct an extensive analysis and assessment of the location, the market and the target group, as well as an economic prognosis on the sustainability and profitability of the undertaking.

Which mega trends are of importance to the project? Where do its strength, quality and unique selling points lie? At the same time we do not shy away from pointing out weaknesses. Because for us, a ‘no’ never ends a vision, but much rather opens up new perspectives.

The core of successful project development is a concept that is both clearly defined and worked out in specific detail. How exactly would you like your future product to look and appear? Which touristic potential does the chosen location have? And how can your destination’s profile be sharpened to acquire relevance? Which target group do you address and where do this group’s expectations lie? A crucial point: the definition of explicit unique selling points that make your project special and that set it apart from those of competitors. We are the reliable partner at your side, that make your creative ideas take form.


Operational concepts
Touristic master plans
Space allocation planning
Profitability analysis

Project management
Project control
Technical assistance

It’s getting specific! In close cooperation with you we take on and coordinate all essential tasks during your project’s formation phase. In doing this we do not only take care of the coordination between the architects, designers and engineers.

We also cater for optimised operational procedures and consult you on topics such as interior design, technical equipment and expedient measures for the pre-opening. Constant quality control for us is a matter of course – always according to your interests and expectations. We accompany you until the turnkey handover and, if required, also during the first months of operations.