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Sustainable tourism concept for the district Steglitz-Zehlendorf


About the project:
The Berlin district Steglitz-Zehlendorf aims to profit from the positive developments of the tourism industry in the German capital. A high percentage of the region in the south-west consists of forested, water and recreational areas. The concept sees tourism potential here, that was too unknown, too little promoted and barely tapped structurally. Core areas in south-western Berlin are said to be cycle tourism, water adventures and hiking in the spacious parks. Specifically the core area Wannsee with the “Parklandschaft Glienicke” that are protected by UNESCO as world heritage, shall become better known.
A sustainable tourism concept analyses the factors relevant for tourism in the south west of Berlin and depicts a vision including tangible measures and areas of operation. On its basis, growth effects for an environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism in this district shall be achieved in the long term.

Katja Schellknecht Konzepte was part of the project group under the direction of Prof. Dr. Frank Schaal, EBC Hochschule Campus Berlin.


Berlin, Germany

Our service:
Participation in the formulation of a catalogue of ideas and themes > participation in the theme marketing > participation in the development of a brand concept > compilation of recommendations for action > analysis and assessment of a hotel business survey > organisation and implementation of workshops with service providers

Project lead:
EBC Hochschule Campus Berlin > Prof. Dr. Frank Schaal

Wirtschaftsförderung Bezirk Steglitz-Zehlendorf in co-operation with the regional management Berlin SÜDWEST

Time frame:
2014 to 2016