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Here you find a selection of both current and completed projects.

Immenhof property on Rothensande


About the project:
The one-of-a-kind location at the Kellersee, the landscape park and the historic buildings provide a great scenery for a unique project. The Rothensande manor with its area of approximately 120 hectares and around 12 existing buildings is to evolve into a touristic business. It is to continue the story of the farm and the Immenhof estate: a modern interpretation with a particular character. In doing so the concept does not compete with already existing local businesses. It much rather provides the opportunity for cooperation and a general extension of demand – through the creation of a brand. The owner’s fundamental idea is the preservation of the building ensemble along with the commemorative courtyard and the farmyard. The character of the manor complex is being preserved, or respectively, led back to its origins.


Malente, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Our service:
Feasibility study > utilisation and operator concept > profitability analysis > advisory support up until the opening

Gut Rothensande GmbH & Co. KG (proprietor)

Time frame:
Since spring 2013