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Here you find a selection of both current and completed projects.

Historical Centre Altensteig


About the project:
Cobble stone, half-timbre, narrow alleys and steep staircases: The ‘historic mile’ of Altensteig is a real gem – yet daily life in the Black Forrest community still mainly takes place below and outside of the old town ever since the construction of the new town hall in 2006. As an ensemble the area stands under monument protection and along with its vacant buildings it should be put to a new use and enhance Altensteig’s economic power. In October of 2012 interested citizens were introduced to the idea of a village hotel in the historic town centre. The conception provided a ‘village within the village’ that integrates into the historic centre, utilising the existing infrastructure as well as establishing new facilities.
Our operational concept suggested a so-called Albergo Diffuso, which extends over several buildings in the old town and is deemed a suitable form of organisation. In doing this the unique selling point of the quarter used as a tourist district should be positioned on the market.


Altensteig, Black Forrest, Germany

Our service:
Potential analysis with operational concept and profitability analysis

Mayor of the city of Altensteig

Time frame:
April to December 2013